Scripts:  Claude-Jacques Legrand?
Art: Annibale Casabianca

Aster has been sent to Earth by the Masters of Zhud, an ancient galactic race that has become sterile. His mission is to find a suitable mate on Earth. But the evil Melanos, allied to the reptilian race of Xan, is intent on thwarting his plans. 

The Stories

from "Futura" Magazine

1. Aster (FU 11, 1973)
2. L'Espoir de Zhud [
Zhud's Hope] (FU 12, 1973)
3. Échec à la Mort
[Death In Check] (FU 13, 1973)

Publishing History

Aster was originally published by Editions Lug in "Futura" Nos. 11-13 (1973). 


The Authors

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