Writer/Artist: Jean-Claude Forest (1930-1998)
Space wanderer
Barbarella has various adventures on the planet Lythion.  In the second volume, she explores a slow-time planet.  In the subsequent volumes, she marries and has a child.  The first graphic novel was adapted into a feature film by Roger Vadim.  In a spin-off, Mystérieuse, Matin, Midi et Soir, an older Barbarella rescues Prof. Alizarine and his friends, stranded on a Mysterious Planet.

The Stories

Writer/Artist: Jean-Claude Forest 
1. Barbarella (originally serialized in "
V-Magazine", 1962; book by Eric Losfeld, 1964) 
2. Les Colères du Mange-Minutes [
The Wrath Of The Minute Eater] (Kesselring, 1974) 
3. Le Semble-Lune [
The False Moon] (Horay, 1977) 
Writer: Jean-Claude Forest 
Artist: Daniel Billon 
4. Le Miroir aux Tempêtes [
The Storm Mirror] (Albin Michel, 1982) 
Writer/Artist: Jean-Claude Forest 
Mystérieuse, Matin, Midi et Soir [
Mysterious, Morning, Noon And Evening] (originally serialized in "Pif", 1971; Serg, 1972) 


Publishing History

Forest created the character of Barbarella for "V-Magazine" in 1962.  Barbarella was an immediate runaway bestseller and was soon translated in a dozen countries.  Not long after, it was adapted into a major motion picture, starring Jane Fonda, for which Forest acted as design consultant. 

The Author

Barbarella © 2001 The Estate of J.-C. Forest. All rights reserved.