Writer: Jean Malac (pseudonym of Raymond Calame) (Stories 1-10), Yvan Delporte (1928- ) (Stories 10-14)
Artist: Tenas (pseudonym of Louis Santels)
Onkr, a super-strong caveman, is found frozen in Siberian ice by Professors Schmoll and Dugommier.  After thawing out, Onkr goes on a Hulk-like rampage throughout France, also hunted by two other villainous scientists, Professors Zinzin and Moleskine.  Eventually, Onkr mellows out, as do the villains, and returns to Siberia.  There, the four scientists find a whole tribe of "Onkrians" (including Onkr's father, Papa Onkr) whom they befriend.  They later go hunting for the Onkrakrikru, a mischievious, blue-skinned flying sea-horse-like creature. Other adventures followed in which they met more extravagant creatures.

  The Stories

from "Mickey" Magazine
1. Onkr, l'Abominable Homme des Glaces [
Onkr, The Abominable Ice Man]  (JDM 475 (4.7.61) to JDM 681 (13.6.65))
2. Les Onkriens Sont Là [
The Onkrians Are Here]  (JDM 682 (20.6.65) to JDM 707)
3. La Chasse à l'Onkrakrikru [
The Hunt for the Onkrakrikru]
(JDM 709 to JDM 744 (28.8.66))
4. Gare aux Kilikilis [
Beware the Kilikilis] (JDM 745 (04.09.66) to
JDM 795 (20.08.67), except JDM 767-768)
5. Les Onkriens chez Lézomtôp [
The Onkrians at Lezomtop's] (JDM 796 (27.08.67) to JDM 839 (14.07.68))
6. Les Grozibous Bougent [
The BigOwls On The Move] (JDM 840 (21.07.68) to JDM 869 (09.02.69))
7. Onkr chez les Civilisés [
Onkr among Civilized Men] (JDM 870 (16.02.69) to JDM 891 (13.07.69))
8. Professeur Onkr (JDM 892 (20.07.69) to JDM 913 (14.12.69))
9. Onkr contre Mr. N (JDM 914 (21.12.69) to JDM 935 (17.05.70))
10. Onkr et les Trafiquants du Trafic [
Onkr & The Traffic Trafficants] (JDM 936 (24.05.70) to JDM 957 (18.10.70))
11. Onkr et le Mystère de la Nème Chaîne [
Onkr & The Mystery of the Nth Channel] (JDM 958 (25.10.70) to JDM 980 (28.03.71))
12. Onkr et l'Armée d'Acier [
Onkr & the Steel Army] (JDM 981 (04.04.71) to JDM 1004 (12.09.71))
13. Onkr en Fugue Majeur [
Onkr in Major Fugue] (JDM 1006 (26.09.71) to JDM 1028 (27.02.72))
14. Roméonkr et Juliette (JDM 1031 (19.03.72) to JDM 1054 (27.08.72)) 

Publishing History

Onkr was originally serialized two pages a week in "Le Journal de Mickey" (Edi-Monde) between 1961 and 1972.  Fourteen stories were thus serialized. They were never reprinted as graphic novels. 


The Author

Tenas (pseudonym of Louis Saintels) began his career in comics in 1947 with illustrations published in "Le Moustique".  He worked for "Bravo" on Cyprien Bravo and for "Spirou" on Le Triangle de Feu [The Triangle of Fire].  He then joined the staff of "Le Journal de Mickey" where he contributed numerous illustrations, Disney-based material, a serial entitled Les Mystères de la Tour Eiffel [The Mysteries of the Eiffel Tower] and co-created Onkr with Jean Malac
Delporte (1928- ) joined the editorial team of "Spirou" in 1945 and became one of its major humor writers, eventually being promoted to editor-in-chief (from 1955 to 1968).  He is responsible for the development (if not the actual creation) of the world-famous Schtroumpfs [Smurfs], and superhumanly strong Benoît Brisefer for Peyo; Isabelle for Will and Sophie (and Uhu-Man) for Jidéhem.  In a more serious vein, he wrote the space opera series Alain Cardan for Gerald Forton.


Additional Research by Marcel Pfefferlé & Marc-Etienne Vargenau.