: Corsini
Art: Luciano Bernasconi


Phenix is the secret identity of Chicago socialite Patricia Hope. As the masked, leather-clad, bike-riding Phenix, Patricia fights drug dealers, terrorists and other kinds of urban menaces.

Patricia Hope

The Stories

from "Special-Rodeo" Magazine
1. La Dernière Chance [The Last Chance] (SR 74, 1980)
2. L'Adieu au Ring [
Farewell to the Ring] (SR 74, 1980)
3. Le Rapt [
The Kidnaping] (SR 75, 1980)
4. Le Secret de Gonzalo Morales [
The Secret of Gonzalo Morales] (SR 75, 1980)
5. Les Iroquois (SR 76, 1980)
6. La Vieille Dame [
The Old Lady] (SR 76, 1980)
7. [
Untitled] (SR 77, 1980)
8. Les Diables Volants [
The Flying Devils] (SR 78, 1980)

Publishing History

Phenix was originally published by Editions Lug as a mini-series in "Special-Rodeo" Nos 74 to 78. 

The Authors

Corsini is an Italian writer.




Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Frederic Grivaud.
"L'Ombre du Phénix" [
The Shadow of the Phoenix] (guest-starring Sibilla) (Fantask No. 5, 2001)

Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Edouard Cop.
"La Sanction Vega" [
The Vega Sanction] (Strangers #1, 2002)

Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Stephane Louis.
"Le Chat et la Souris" [
Cat and Mouse] (Planete Comics #14, 2002)

Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Mariano De La Torre.
"La Nuit du Leopard" [
The Night of the Leopard] (Yuma #1, 2002)

Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Juan Roncagliolo Berger.
Mon Diner avec Babette (
My Dinner With Babette) (Yuma #2, 2002)
L'Assassinat du Père Fouettard (
The Murder of Evil Santa) (Yuma #3, 2002)
Ma Nuit Chez Quanter (
My Night at Quanter's) (Yuma #4, 2002)
Le Pacte des Loufoques (
The Lunatic Legion) (Yuma #5, 2003)
Un Phenix sur le Toit (
A Phenix On The Roof) (Yuma #6, 2003)
La Belle et Babette (
Beauty and Babette) (Yuma #7, 2003)

Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Luciano Bernasconi.
Le Rire de la Nuit (
The Laughter of the Night) (Yuma #8, 2003)

Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Artist: Fernando Pasarin.
La Boîte Rouge (
The Red Box) (Yuma #8, 2003)

Art by Mariano De la Torre

Art by Juan Berger